Case Studies


Small Long Service Awards luncheon

On an average budget, I created a special event for 25 staff who had achieved their 25 years service. Personalising each invitation and tailoring the event to the guests. It really was an event to be remembered. 

 Thanks so much, it was a lovely lunch and meant a lot to all invited 


VIP High Profile Event

With a significant budget, I arranged events on behalf of the head of the business, to celebrate the achievements accomplished over the previous year.  I arranged every detail and within budget. I sent out invitations, confirmed any special adjustments needed for guests, meeted and greeted all guests upon arrival. Opened the event and continued to host throughout.

"Thank you for all your work in running the event,  you have done a fantastic job in both organising and facilitating the events and everything has always gone to plan. They have been beautifully organised and everyone who’s attended has enjoyed it -  an absolute delight and you’ve done a super job."  - Head of buiness


Team Incentive Events

On a small budget in order to boost the teams productivity I arranged and hosted monthly reward and recognition events. This ranged from a BBQ lunch in the summer to a Christmas themed lunch.  The events were relaxed boosting staff moral not only for those who attended but encouraging others to do their best in order to receive the golden invite! 

"The introduction of these events really did boost staff moral, they were such fun everyone wanted to be invited. This did make us all work harder, but we also felt more valued too."